D-TECH use the latest Concrete Scanning technology to analyse what is within your concrete slab. Scanning prior to cutting or drilling provides the assurance that you will not interrupt other services or diminish the structural integrity of the slab.

Services Include:

  • Locating and mapping in-slab utilities (pipes & cables)

  • Thickness of concrete

  • Finding voids under and in slabs

  • Locating in-slab structural materials (Post tensioning cables, reinforcing bar, beams, piles and footings)

  • Understanding sizes of reinforcing bar and spacings


Scanning a concrete slab before coring, cutting, drilling or demolishing will allow our qualified technicians to locate any existing services within the slab. This gives our clients confidence when making decisions, knowing they will not interrupt any existing services or ruin the structural integrity of the concrete platform.


This also assures the safety of the contractor preforming the works as they are made aware of any services within the slab. A simple scan can save thousands of dollars in insurance claims for rectification works.


Concrete scans can also determine the internal structure of the concrete allowing engineers to determine the integrity of the slab, the load bearing abilities and the points at which more reinforcing would be needed.