This method of locating uses a range of technology and information to find and map any service a client needs. Using cable locators, ground penetrating radars (GPR) and DBYD documentation, we are able to electronically trace pipes and cables. Providing asset types, sizes, depths and locations; our clients get a clear and extensive understanding of where utilities are in relation to their projects.


  • Locating and mapping underground utilities (pipes & cables)

  • Locating voids/soft areas of soil

  • Locating underground structures such as footings and pits

  • Clearing bore holes for soil testing

  • Finding breaks/faults

D-TECH can undertake such investigations for the following purposes:


  • Development Sites - to ensure that all existing services are located to avoid any complications to ongoing works or to new services being installed.

  • Construction Sites - to determine the extent of services within the concrete for old and new buildings prior to core penetrations of redevelopment of any one area.

  • On Site Data Collection - detailed drawings obtained from site and collated with plans and exisiting service provider infrastructure drawings from relevant authorities.